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Future of the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is already being referred to more broadly as the mobility industry with the next generation of products and services enabling the transportation of people with changing business models around the eco-system, tending towards shared ownership, immediate user-centric services, and community space. Read what’s in store for the automobiles of the future.

KPIs to Easily Understand Website Performance

More business are going digital, and customers are spoilt for choice online. If your website is slow or laggy, chances are your customers won’t stay long. But what would be the best metrics to measure? Where do you get started? This article aims to address these questions, so you can get the best picture of…

Business Skills Learned From My Parents

Knowingly or unknowingly, we imbibe qualities that make our family who they are. And fortunately for me, the qualities that help me be a better professional are the same I learned as a boy. On Mother’s Day, I wanted to reflect on my childhood and what I learned from my parents.

The 7 Steps For Building Successful API Products

APIs are consumed by various developers with different needs and are under constant pressure to evolve their services as the market matures. This is why a product management approach is important to harness the true potential of an API offering and deliver a compelling service which internal and external developers can’t live without.

Tips to Get Your Resume Past ATS Bots And Stand Out

Your resumes need to be optimized for ATS scanners as well as appeal to the hiring manager in today’s competitive landscape. Follow these tips to create a bot-friendly resume and get through the right people

Books, Articles and Quotes That Bring Out The Best In Me

Items from literature and media that have brought the best in me, and forced to think through different challenges in different ways. I will be updating this regularly with new content I read that has improved my thinking in some capacity.

To Build a Successful Business, Measure the Right Business Metrics

Every successful product team analys how users are discovering and utilizing their products. Data is the opium of good product teams. So how does someone determine the best metrics to analyze? I’ll share some of the most critical ones that have helped my team build solid platforms in the past.