Press Kit

Keshav Vasudevan is a successful product leader who has played a pivotal role in taking three SaaS technology ventures from idea to multi-million dollar businesses. He is known for his deep knowledge of software and engineering, his curiosity about how his target market functions, and his obsession with making their lives better through technology. All of these qualities have aided him in his pursuit of business excellence.

The three platforms that owe their success to Keshav are SwaggerHub, LoadNinja, and Prepared911, for whom Keshav has led their respective product strategies and execution. All three platforms are market leaders in their respective spaces mainly due to their product prowess, as evidenced by the magnitude of press coverage each product has received. Under his leadership, each platform achieved product-market fit, surpassed investor revenue expectations, and became a leader in their respective markets.

Saving Lives

As Head of Product at Prepared, Keshav’s most recent business contribution has directly contributed to the safety and well-being of millions of Americans during a 911 emergency. He leads product strategy, product execution, and product monetization of the Prepared platforms. Prepared provides life-saving, never-before-available technology to 911 dispatchers and first responders to get live streams, pictures, videos, and location data from citizens during emergencies.

Keshav joined Prepared when the product had only a handful of 911 dispatch centers. Since then, he has helped develop key product features and suites that have helped the company surpass 11,000+ daily active 911 calls processed through the system. His radical innovation, creative monetization, and go-to-market strategies have helped Prepared achieve product-market fit and surpass investor revenue expectations.

Based out of:


Masters in Engineering Management – Dartmouth College

Bachelors in Materials Engineering – NIT Trichy

Humble Beginnings

Keshav grew up as the only child in a lower middle-class family in Hyderabad, India. His parents, particularly his mom, instilled in him a sense of curiosity, creativity, and ambition. Knowing that the only way to help his family out of their financial situation was through good education, he studied incredibly hard during his formative years to get into the National Institute of Technology, Trichy, one of India’s most premier and selective engineering institutions.

At NIT Trichy, he realized he had a knack for building ventures from pure ideas. He launched a successful apparel venture while still in college, which saw success in the first year but eventually failed due to mistakes made in branding. This realization led him to add more business skills to his education, which led him to pursue a Masters in Engineering and Management at Dartmouth College, NH.

At Dartmouth, he learned of the path of product management, and it was here that he officially started his product management journey in 2016.

Keshav’s hard work and dedication have paid off in his pursuit of business excellence. His unique blend of technical knowledge, creativity, and business acumen has made him a valuable asset to any team he joins. Keshav has not only created successful businesses but has also helped improve the lives of millions of people through his innovative products.

Keshav’s leadership and expertise have been recognized in the tech industry. He has been featured in numerous podcasts, journal articles, and news media for his opinions on the state of various forms of software technology.

Keshav’s story is an inspiration to many. He grew up in humble beginnings but was able to use his education, hard work, and determination to create successful technology businesses and make a positive impact on society. Keshav continues to be a driving force in the tech industry and aims to do everything he can to work for the well-being for those around him through meaningful technology.